Allan R Lamb has been in photography since obtaining his B.A. degree in Technology Education, Western Washington State University in 1965, after which he continued advanced study at Ohio University under Clarence White, Jr.  As part of his education, he taught photography for five years.  He received his Air Force commission in 1967 and for over twenty years managed Federal photographic programs and organizations until  his retirement in 1987.  He was chosen Junior Officer of the Year 1974 and decorated for his work in developing new facilities and organizations, in Europe, Korea and the United States.  He  functioned as a nationally recognized picture framing instructor for the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA), Crescent Cardboard Company, Decor Magazine and the Columba Publishing Co.  Allan was president of the Washington State chapter of the PPFA for three years and a national PPFA competition judge.

He is a founding member of The Guild of Fine Art Care & Framing Research Project Committee and the Northwest Coalition of Professional Framers.  Allan owned and operated a Gallery and Frame Shop from 1987-1998.

Allan has recently retired as the Photography Consultant for the  Community Memorial Museum of Sutter County where he was responsible for the photographic restoration and digitization of the museum photographic collection.  He also created the museum photographic exhibitions.    He has been published in 16 Black and White and Color Magazines winning 20 awards to include the coveted Spotlight Award.